Why Control Is Necessary For Explainable Artificial Intelligence

Why Control Is Necessary For Explainable Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a very big and useful technology that has taken the world by storm. As beneficial as it is, it also has its drawbacks. No matter how efficient they are, machines only work on algorithms and these algorithms should not be over trusted for several reasons.

There may be a genuine error in its algorithm that leads to different actions from the expected or desired ones. A bug or malware may find its way into the code and this will lead to abnormal behavior of these machines. Programmers may deliberately input wrong codes for ulterior motives. This is why explainable artificial intelligence is the way to go.

With explainable artificial intelligence, every user will be able to understand how a machine works. Besides, the machines will come with a high level of transparency and accountability. Every machine should be able to explain why certain actions need to be taken to its users.

It should also explain why that is the best option and why other alternatives may not work out for a particular situation. Explainable artificial intelligence also aims at making it obvious to users when a particular machine has failed on a particular task and when it has succeeded in ...

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Why Artificial Intelligence Has Its Negative Sides Too

Why Artificial Intelligence Has Its Negative Sides Too

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence as a technology has been welcomed with a lot of accolades and commendations. Everybody keeps thinking about the benefits and convenience it comes with. But only a very few people have thought about its negative aspects. This article seeks to compare the advantages of Artificial Intelligence to its disadvantages and leaves the reader to conclude if the technology is really worth it. 

No doubt, Artificial Intelligence comes with a lot of convenience like no other technology and it is being adopted in different industries. Nobody will encounter any application of Artificial Intelligence and not fall in love with the technology. Before the disadvantages of the technology is delved into, it is necessary to outline some of its most popular applications

Automatic Lawn Mowers

A very good category is lawn mowers. Gone are the days when you will need to handle the mower and move about with it to manually mow every part of your lawn. Now there are several types of Do-it-yourself Remote Control Lawn mower. You can now mow the lawn right in your living room. In short, mowing the lawn has just become fun.

Smart Refrigerator

Another wonderful smart home gadget that is worthy of mention is the ...

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Five Tools For Developing Augmented Reality Apps

Five Tools For Developing Augmented Reality Apps

Augmented Reality application development entails replacing the virtual world with the real world. App developers utilize AR Libraries with open source API to break down the stages of development. Here is a review of five AR tools for mobile app developers along with their merits and demerits:

1. ARToolKit

ARToolKit is a type of augmented reality software tool utilized in the development of AR apps. The major advantage of this tool is the open-source code that allows unrestricted access to the library. Other merits of the ARToolKit include:

The library aids tracking of advanced object markers via mobile device cameras thus duplicating their whereabout on the screen of the device.
It supports 2D recognition and mapping of additional elements through OpenGL
It provides a free development environment for operating systems like iOS, Linux, SGI, Windows, Mac OSX, and Android.

Although this AR library can be accessed freely, the development documentation is considerably limited. It compresses the test apps. However, some of them can be difficult to build. The examples are inadequate, and there are no plans to update the framework yet.

2. Vuforia

Vuforia is an all-inclusive SDK for augmented reality app development.

The main benefit of this tool includes a test app with annotations showing the abilities of the Vuforia and ...

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Three Industries That Can Benefit From Augmented Reality

Three Industries That Can Benefit From Augmented Reality

Virtual and augmented reality has remained a buzzword for technology fans and it's on everyone's radar for the upcoming year as well. Mobile devices are the wave of the future and to connect with users, more and more businesses and industries alike are turning to VR and AR and hoping to use their potential. App development has begun taking a turn for better, and more creative ways to both use and integrate VR and AR.

Augmented reality app development has already begun proving it's worth the cost and effort. It has begun to profoundly impact real estate, education and gaming.

Real Estate

Real estate is typically a difficult market, with clients taking a long time to buy or even rent. Although commissions are significant, real estate professionals don't like to wait and are hoping to use every tool available to move the sale cycle along. Augmented reality on a realtor's site can provide information that hasn't been seen before prior to a home walk-through. App developers can create presentations that bring the client into the home and offer views that even human eyes are not accustomed to seeing, such as the layout from above, the location in a development or the height of ...

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