6 Ways Big Data Can Help With Hiring

6 Ways Big Data Can Help With Hiring

When it comes to Big Data, big changes have occurred in the business world. Any serious business that uses Big Data has transformed their way of everyday life by using this modern tool to their advantage.

Having a centralized hub of information that you can apply in any means you imagine is a great advantage over the competition. But how can you use Big Data in order to boost your HR recruitment and help your interviewers with hiring new talent?

Employee profile

While Big Data offers a huge assortment of options when it comes to HR recruitment, it’s important to note that the human factor is just as important. That means that you can easily create an employee model based on your current staff and create the perfect profile you think will suit the company. These attributes can range from soft skills, professional skills, education, and teamwork skills and so on.

Keep in mind that these values should always be evaluated and sorted through, not taken at face value. Some of your candidates might be having bad days or anxiety issues – these are not valid inputs for your HR profiling and should be evaluated carefully.

Recruitment model

Building upon the profile you created using Big ...

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8 Ways Your Team Can Take Advantage of Big Data

8 Ways Your Team Can Take Advantage of Big Data

Managing any type of business in today’s digital age can prove challenging. Whether you are into IT, legalities, sales or any sort of work that requires careful data management, you might have heard of Big Data. It’s more than a concept, allowing you and your team to operate much more freely and progressively than before. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can take advantage of Big Data and utilize it to the best of your abilities.

Develop new strategies

By allowing you quick and easy access to a diverse library of data, Big Data allows you and your team to develop strategies you haven’t considered before. This is because the data you will be using is centralized and any type of information is available at the press of a button. Use this advantage to brainstorm ideas and run simulations in order to maximize your productivity and drive your business forward.

Communicate with clients

Sometimes it seems impossible to actually communicate with your client. This is why Big Data allows you to cross-reference, calculate and determine what your clients want and what their next steps will be in your relationship. Relying on data and analysis to determine what your clients want ...

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6 Steps for Planning Your Big Data Strategy

6 Steps for Planning Your Big Data Strategy

Big data is only getting bigger. Last year we’ve collected more information than we did in the whole of human history before that. Even more frightening, that data is doubling every year. That’s a lot of data!

That means two things:

1. Ever more can be understood on the basis of big data.

2. The longer you wait with joining the big data the game, the harder it will be for everybody else will be further ahead of you.

And when I say ‘everybody’ I do really mean ‘everybody’. From logistics to healthcare, from finance to logistics, from multinationals to small businesses, big data is a part of their strategy and informing the decision that they’re making.

Therefore, isn’t it about time that you joined in as well?

‘Of course,’ the image of my audience in my mind grumbles, ‘but how do I do that?’

Get the right team together

The first thing to realize is that as big data is still quite new, there isn’t yet anything like a ‘big data’ person. What’s more, it isn’t just some IT program. Instead, it’s a business strategy. For that reason, you need to make sure that your team has all the necessary skills to actually make the best of ...

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6 Reasons Data Analytics Will Make a Splash in 2017

6 Reasons Data Analytics Will Make a Splash in 2017

There is no doubt about it. Millennials, unlike previous generations, love self-service options. They want the freedom to customize orders, change account information, and find answers to their questions without intervention from a middle man. Think of them as the first demographic who prefers navigating automated phone systems over speaking to a real person, at least most of the time.

This is even true within organizations. Users would much rather access and query data themselves. It’s faster and more customized than relying on standard reports or submitting a request for an ad hoc report.

This trend is only going to grow as 2017 continues. Check out six ways that data analytics will trend over the next twelve months.

1. Data Gets Smarter

The Vs of big data are veracity, volume, velocity, and variety. Smart data involves removing volume, variety, and velocity from the picture and focusing on veracity. The idea is that by doing so, the value of that data to people and organizations increases in a meaningful way.

Smart data is useful and actionable. It involves weeding out the fluff and providing information that people can use to make decisions and predict trends. In 2017, brands will increasingly use artificial intelligence when analyzing data ...

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