How to Access User Data from Third-party Apps on Android

How to Access User Data from Third-party Apps on Android

If you’re developing a DLP or Parent Control solution, chances are, you want as much user data from apps as possible. However, most of the time gathering such data can be fairly difficult. While you can try to reverse engineer iOS app or Android app, this method often proves difficult and time-consuming, while results are not guaranteed.

For Android particularly, most of the time apps store their data in a Sandbox (which is the default and most secure option) where other apps cannot access it. If a developer decides not to store data in another easily accessible area (such as memory card), and not to provide an API for accessing the data, then getting it without root can be very hard.

This means that there is seemingly no way to get Skype, Viber, or KIK messages, or a browser history, which can be extremely frustrating if your solution depends on such data. However, there is actually a fairly elegant solution allowing to get user data on Android without root and without that much of a hassle. And we will cover this solution down the line.

Idea behind a solution

The gist of the idea is very simple – each active page has a layout ...

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The Advantages And Disadvantages of Using Django

The Advantages And Disadvantages of Using Django

If you are interested in running Django or considering making a transition to Python, let us help you explore the main virtues and vices of using this framework. But before we get started, let’s talk briefly about what Django is and why you should care.

Django came out in 2005 and, indisputably, has turned into one of the go-to web-frameworks for growing amount of developers. It was created as a framework on the Python programming language. With a set of right functionalities, Django reduces the amount of trivial code that simplifies the creation of web applications and results in faster development.

In case you want to dive deeper into the framework, view a short introduction to django full text search.

Why Django?

You should totally check Django. It is written in Python and Python is amazing, clean, easy to learn, and one of the most taught programming languages. Python is also a popular choice for:

Industrial Light & Magic (Star Wars visual effects)

Game development

Services like Pinterest, Instagram, The Guardian and more

Without a doubt, the tech market is overflowed with frameworks, but Django is a good place to start as it has the nicest documentation and tutorials in software development. Now, for the main attraction – ...

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