We chose BBBT to launch Outlier because it allowed us to connect with some of the best minds in Business Intelligence and get valuable feedback on our product and business. It was a great success, I recommend it for any early stage company working in the industry. -- Sean Byrnes, CEO

We’re excited to be discussing and demonstrating the power of Vitria Operational Intelligence with some of the best minds in the business intelligence and data warehousing realm — Dale Skeen, CTO & Co-Founder of Vitria

We always look forward to our opportunity to present to the BBBT — Michael Whitehead, CEO of Wherescape

Chris and I look forward to briefing the BBBT community about what Teradata has learned as customers begin to explore Big Data opportunities and use our Teradata Unified Architecture™ — Dave Schrader, Director of Marketing, Teradata UDA

Nowhere else can you address a global collection of key influencers in our industry, share your vision, and receive instant feedback and valuable insight — John Evans, director of marketing, Magnitude Software

The BBBT session was one of the best experiences of an analyst briefing that we've had. What made it so special was the diversity of analysts that make up the BBBT. They come from around the globe and have their own various BI specialities. As such each bring their own unique perspective to the event — Glen Rabie, Founder and CEO of Yellowfin

We’re looking forward to sharing our story with the BBBT community, and showcasing how Dell is transforming itself into a serious analytics and data management player — Steven Phillips, Big Data and Analytics Product Marketing Manager, Dell Software

We are thrilled to get Paxata in front of some of BI’s biggest innovators and influencers — Prakash Nanduri, co-founder and CEO of Paxata

This is a unique opportunity for us to reach out to a dynamic group of business intelligence industry leaders and experts, exchange ideas, and gain useful feedback — Scott Benzie, VP, Marketing and Sales of Dundas

We are thrilled to present to this remarkable organization, which continues to drive innovation forward in the BI, analytics, and data community — Satyen Sangani, CEO of Alation

We look forward to sharing how our customers are getting tremendous value from Hadoop and engaging in a lively discussion with BBBT’s highly-regarded industry experts and thought leaders — Steve Wooledge, Vice President of Product Marketing, MapR

The BBBT is an important community of influencers in the analytics and business intelligence world. I’m looking forward to sharing our vision for big data analytics with this enthusiastic group — William Cairns, Lead Data Scientist of HP Vertica

BBBT is a trusted place where companies can learn how to evolve their analytics capabilities through advice from seasoned industry experts with significant real world experience — Lara Shackelford, VP of Marketing, Platfora

The BBBT is an impressive and unique gathering of Business Intelligence luminaries — Suzanne Hoffman, Senior Director of Analyst Relations

Bill and I were thrilled to be part of the BBBT event and connect with key influencers in the space — Donald Farmer, Vice President of Product Management at Qlik

We can’t think of a better group to work with than BBBT analysts and practitioners — Kevin Courtney, Vice President of Business Solutions, Teleran

1010data is excited to have the opportunity to work with the Boulder BI Brain Trust and to again speak with our peers and leading independent analysts — Sandy Steier, CEO and Co-founder of 1010data

The only word I have to summarize our experience is: phenomenal! The response and feedback was of tremendous value to us and we're glad we made the trip to Boulder to share with the wonderful BBBT community. This will be the first trip of many! — Kerry Gilger, CEO of VisualCue

Briefing the BBBT was immensely rewarding. It is a rare opportunity to speak directly with an energetic, focused group of experts from around the world. Thanks to all the BBBT analysts for your insightful feedback, especially Claudia and Dave for hosting the event. Looking forward to our next BBBT briefing! —Dean Yao, Director of Marketing, Jinfonet Software

I am thrilled to return to BBBT, a rapidly growing hub that is helping to drive business intelligence forward — GoodData founder and CEO Roman Stanek


BBBT presentations are like extended, interactive analyst briefings, only better.

See the Presenter Guide for all the details.

There are 2 ways to get a BBBT presentation slot. They differ in how they work, but they both lead to the same thing — a BBBT presentation.


Events are characterized by less certainty and lower price.

The price is $5,000. Events are typically “awarded”. Because our members select/rank who they want to hear from, it is uncertain whether you will be selected to present, and, if you are selected, it is uncertain when your slot will be. We usually run about a 1 year schedule horizon.

Events are good for companies who would like to present and can wait a long time to be selected.

On Demands

On-Demands are characterized by more certainty and higher price.

The price is $5,000. On-Demands are “purchased”. Since you choose to have an event, it’s certain, and you work out the schedule with Claudia, so when is certain, too.

On-Demands are good for companies who want to incorporate a BBBT presentation into a marketing campaign, usually in conjunction with a launch.

Either way, you have the option of traveling to Boulder to present, or presenting remotely.

In-Person: By investing in the expense of traveling to Boulder, you get to meet some of the members face to face. You will have the opportunity to present the night before to the University of Colorado Leeds School of business. Your presentation video will contain video of the presenters, which makes the video better than just talking over slides. Both the video and the podcast will be recorded with professional mics, so the audio quality will be much higher.

Remote-only: Travel expenses are avoided, but the In-Person benefits are lost.


Reach – Reach all of the members with a single presentation.

Feedback – Receive valuable feedback from the members.

Buzz – A press release is included, and the attendees Tweet frequently.

Podcast – A 10-15 minute podcast, hosted by Claudia Imhoff, is included. Here’s a sample:

Video – A video of the non-NDA content is included. Here’s a sample.

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