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Home Berkley CA Membership: March 12, 2015
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Kai R. Larsen

Associate Professor University of Colorado, Leed’s School of Business
Work Boulder CO Phone: 303-735-6448 Membership: July 16, 2013 Website: Kai R. Larsen, Leed's
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Work Boulder CO Membership: March 6, 2015
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Dirk Lerner

IT Consultant ITGAIN GmbH
Work Westhafenplatz 1 Frankfurt/Main 60327 Germany Cell Phone: +49 151 1969 1034 Membership: October 23, 2013 Blog: Website: Website: e-Business Intelligence: Leveraging DB2 for Linux on S/390 Website: About.Me Website: Xing
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Dr. Frederick Lester

CEO Strategic Advantage, Inc.
Membership: January 18, 2016
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Gregory Lewandowski

President Lewandog, Inc.
Work 2713 Anfield Rd Raleigh NC 27606 USA Phone: +1 (919) 949-1871 Membership: September 8, 2016 Website: Blog:
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Membership: October 12, 2015
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Work Toronto ON Membership: July 30, 2014
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Tony Lopykinski

Managing Principal Maven Advisors LLC
Work Chicago IL Membership: May 20, 2015 Website:
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Rob Luikart

Client Partner Advocate Solutions
Work 762 S. Pearl Street Columbus OH 43206 USA Phone: (614) 562-6370 Membership: June 3, 2014 Website: Advocate Solutions
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