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Dana Gardner

President and Principal Analyst Interarbor Solutions
Work 12 Sherwood Forest Dr. Gilford NH 03249 Phone: (603) 528-2435 Membership: May 13, 2013 Website: Interarbor Solutions Blog: http://briefingsdirectblog.blogspot.com/ Website: Cloud Magazine

In founding Interarbor Solutions, I created a content platform, BriefingsDirect, that leverages social media to explain the latest enterprise software, cloud and big data advances. As a veteran IT analyst, my moderated discussions and interviews get to the essence of the hottest enterprise technology topics.

I am a technology thought leader, master communicator, and business innovator. By appreciating the impacts of rapid change in IT and media, I have repeatedly created new business models — from virtual online newsrooms in 1995 to thriving IT industry analyst consulting practices in 2000, to imaginative and impactful social media content production and distribution services in 2005.

My latest role integrates my earlier experiences so that now — through in-depth case studies, interactive panel discussions and interviews with experts — BriefingsDirect demonstrates the business productivity benefits of enterprise IT transformation. My heavy use of social media powerfully vets and distributes BriefingsDIrect sponsored content so that listeners and readers opt in to pass it along, creating expanding concentric circles of trusted social influence from those that know useful content best.

Since 2005, Interarbor Solutions has instructed readers and listeners on the latest IT news and trends by tapping the best minds among IT vendors and the global 2000 enterprise IT leadership. These long-format podcasts uncover the problems vexing enterprises and define the best new solutions that early adopters employ. All moderated by me, BriefingsDirect sponsored discussions provide a unique, deep-dive focus on specific industry problems — and the quickest path to the latest proven solutions.

All of this places me squarely and uniquely at the intersection of IT, media, marketing, analysis and influence. See more at https://plus.google.com/u/0/+DanaGardner/about.

Specialties:Cloud computing, SOA and enterprise software trends analysis/forecasting, social media production and and distribution, IT competitive analysis, SOA consulting services, entrepreneurial business development, marketing strategies, sales strategies, evangelizing and educating on emerging IT trends, strong public speaking and presentations delivery, extensive written skills, and innovative online media publishing experience.

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