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Work Bogota Columbia Membership: November 5, 2013

Naur Valverde: Entrepreneur and Consultant 3.0. Founder and CEO of Rubikey Intelligence & Knowledge, a Competitive Intelligence consultant company. Winner of: TIC Americas 2011, competition of Young Americas Business Trust (Organization of American States); Big Bang Challenge 2011 (Latin American Board of Georgetown University) and Fondo Emprender Colombia 2012 (Presidencia de la República, Fonade and SENA). MSc in Industrial Engineering, Master in Marketing, Customer Management and Web 2.0, E-Business Specialist and Diploma in Business Intelligence. Over 10 years experience in Business Intelligence, Market Intelligence and Digital Marketing in B2C and B2B companies on education, health, banking, insurance, services and retail sectors. Researcher and teacher on issues of competitiveness, marketing and business.

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