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Philippe Nieuwbourg

Founder and Editorial Director Decideo
Work Decideo Editions North America Inc. 6-4044 Rouen Street Montreal Quebec H1W 1N5 Canada Phone: +1-438-899-8026 Membership: February 8, 2010 Website: Decideo

Founder & Editorial Director of Decideo. Philippe has around 20 years of experience in analyzing and writing about BI and Data Warehousing tools and best practices. In 1990 he created the first newsgroup on the French speaking Internet about OLAP. is today the leading web community in the French speaking world about BI with more than 11,000 subscribers. is affiliate site of the BeyeNETWORK. is now the Spanish speaking leading community about BI for Spain and Latin America. Philippe also founded the Data Science Institute and is a lecturer at UQAM (Universite du Quebec a Montreal).

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