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Work Madrid Spain Membership: October 1, 2014
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Work CA Membership: September 7, 2014
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Jim Raper

Data Tzar Analytical Frameworks Aquaculture Research Institute (AFARI)
Work 1155 Evergreen Circle Rock Hill SC 29732 Phone: +1 (803) 981-5280 Membership: December 1, 2016
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Asim Razvi

VP Education and Research TDWI
Work Irving CA Membership: February 27, 2015
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Ali Rebaie

Work Dubai United Arab Emirates Membership: February 1, 2012 Website: Rebaie Data Daily
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Work Boulder CO Membership: March 14, 2014
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Christopher Rice

AVP Business Intelligence
Membership: December 14, 2015
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Tom Richebacher

Director Harte Hanks
Work Boulder CO Membership: September 22, 2014 Website: Website: The Problems and Prospects of Integrating a Customer Perspective into Finance, Part 1 - Customer Profitability Website: The Problems and Prospects of Integrating a Customer Perspective into Finance, Part 2 - Budgeting and Forecasting Website: The Problems and Prospects of Integrating a Customer Perspective into Finance, Part 3 - Performance Management
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Sander Robijns

Owner Estrenuo BVBA
Work Eyckeveld 6 Boutersem 3370 Belgium Membership: May 1, 2014 Website:
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Ken Rowley

Founder and Managing Director MarketFactor
Work Toronto Canada Membership: January 15, 2013
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Work Mexico Membership: August 28, 2014
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Chuck Russell

Co-Founder and Senior Partner Collective Intelligence, Inc.
Work Collective Intelligence Incorporated 3540 North Progress Avenue Suite 200 Harrisburg PA 17110 Phone: 717-545-9234 Membership: February 1, 2013 Website: Collective Intelligence
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Terri Rylander

Principal Advanced Marketing Collateral
Work Mesquite NV Phone: 425-444-2899 Membership: November 7, 2011 Website: Advanced Marketing Collateral
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Work Sydney Australia Membership: October 2, 2014
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John Santaferraro

Founder and President Ferraro Consulting
Work 10094 S. Glenstone Circle Highlands Ranch CO 80130 USA Phone: (408) 373-7500 Membership: February 10, 2016 Website: BigDataSV 2014 - theCUBE Website: Business Intelligence Journal | Vol. 18, No. 4 Website: Can Cloud-Aware Analytics Make the Difference Between Thrashing and Thriving? Website: Big Data 2.0 White Paper Website: Turn Hadoop into an Analytics Platform Website: Actian SQL in Hadoop: A Technical Overview
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Jodi Schanil

Founder & Principal Advisor JQuinn Consulting LLC
Work PO Box 371292 Denver CO 80237 USA Home Phone: +1 (612) 751-4886 Membership: January 19, 2017
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Michael A. Schiff

Founder and Principal Analyst MAS Strategies
Work Reston VA Phone: 703-648-0035 Membership: May 5, 2010 Website: MAS Strategies
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Membership: February 10, 2016
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Russell Searle

Enterprise Information Architect
Work Brisbane Australia Phone: +61 400 824 905 Membership: March 20, 2014
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Kevin Sechowski

Business Intelligence Practice Lead Kenway Consulting
Work Chicago IL Phone: 1-888-953-6929 Membership: May 16, 2013 Website: Kenway Consulting: Sechowski
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Phone: +1 (303) 832-7719 Membership: April 27, 2016 Website:
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Dr. Alaa Serry

P++ Performance Plus Plus Inc.
Work 1235 Bay Street Suite 400 Toronto Ontario M5R 3K4 Canada Phone: (416) 410-4040 Membership: December 9, 2013 Website: P++
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Al Shain

Founding Partner, Data Scientist A Heurisitic Solution, LLP
Work 19555 E Mainstreet Unit A Parker CO 80138 United States Phone: +1 (303) 588-6976 Membership: December 29, 2016 Blog: A Heuristic Solution Blog Website: A Heuristic Solution, LLP Website: Worldwide Who's Who
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Membership: September 10, 2015
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Alec Sharp

Manager Clariteq Systems Consulting Ltd.
Work Clariteq Systems Consulting Ltd. 2478 Nelson Avenue West Vancouver BC V7V 2R4 Canada Membership: May 20, 2013 Website: Clariteq
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Rick Sherman

Founder Athena IT Solutions
Work Athena IT Solutions Two Clock Tower Place Suite 540 Maynard MA 01754 Phone: 978-897-3322 Membership: January 23, 2012 Website: Athena IT Solutions: Sherman
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Garett Shulman

Principal Technical Advantage, LLC
Work Maynard MA Phone: 720-565-2409 Membership: November 12, 2013 Website:
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Vincent Siegfried

Managing Partner Elevondata
Home 106 Custer Avenue Williston Park NY 11596 USA Phone: (516) 660-9570 Membership: March 6, 2014 Website:
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Work Castle Rock CO Membership: November 4, 2013 Website: The Data Model Resource Book: A Library of Logical Data Models and Data Warehouse Designs
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Evangelos Simoudis

Senior Managing Director Trident Capital
Work Trident Capital 505 Hamilton Ave. Suite 200 Palo Alto CA 94301 Phone: 650-289-4400 Membership: February 5, 2010 Website: Corportate Innovation Blog:
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Illya Singh

President and Founder Omniana Consulting, LLC.
Work Omniana Consulting, LLC PO Box 327386 Ft. Lauderdale FL 33332 Phone: 954-290-4286 Membership: February 1, 2012 Website: Omniana Consulting, LLC
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Dr. Anne Marie Smith

Principal Consultant Alabama Yankee Systems, LLC
Work 15 Birchwood Lane Mantua NJ Phone: (856) 494-3722 Membership: February 27, 2014 Website:
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Kevin Smith

Founder/Principal Consultant NextWave Business Intelligence
Phone: (303) 731-2118 Membership: November 19, 2015 Website: Blog:
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Work Denver CO Membership: May 8, 2014
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Work Bulgaria Membership: July 7, 2015
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Andrew Stewart

Principal Credera
Home The Colonnade 15303 Dallas Parkway Suite 300 Addison TX 75001 USA Phone: (972) 692-0010 Membership: February 10, 2014 Website: Credera Blog:
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Work St. Paul MN Membership: January 14, 2015
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Work Watford England Membership: February 20, 2014
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Dave Stodder

Director of BI Research TDWI
Work San Fransico CA Membership: January 15, 2013 Website: TDWI: Contributors
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Andre Stricker

Stricker Consulting
Work Seltersweg 81 Giessen 35390 Germany Phone: +49 179 29 43 130 Membership: May 8, 2014
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Work Boulder CO Membership: October 7, 2013
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Membership: December 1, 2016
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Rohit Tandon

Managing Partner Elevondata LLC
Work Williston Park NY Phone: (470) 222-5438 Membership: March 6, 2014 Website: Elevondata
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Debbie Taylor

Co-Founder and President Intelligent Eyes
Work 1400 Shattuck Ave Unit 15 Berkeley CA 94709 USA Phone: (510) 526-5690 Membership: February 27, 2015 Website:
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Roy Taylor

Director Protivity
Work 555 Market Street Suite 1800 San Fransisco CA 94105 Phone: +1 (415) 402-3616 Membership: November 5, 2014 Website: Protivity
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Paul te Braak

Independent Consultant and Founder abaX data
Work Brisbane Australia Phone: +61 (0) 408 755 639 Membership: April 18, 2013 Website: abaX Data Blog: Website: Microsoft Tabular Modeling Cookbook
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David Thompson

Principal TEC
Work Boulder CO Home Phone: (720) 771-9503 Membership: March 11, 2013
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Membership: July 28, 2016
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Work AZ USA Membership: July 23, 2015
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David Turner

VP, EIM HealthCare Partners
Work Denver CO Phone: (858) 395-8894 Membership: March 1, 2016 Website:
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