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Membership: September 30, 2015
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Membership: April 8, 2016
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Work Boulder CO Membership: December 8, 2014
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Work Columbia Membership: November 19, 2013
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John Webster

Evaluator Group
Work 5360 Manhattan Circle Suite 100 Boulder CO 80303 Phone: 303-221-7867 Membership: December 15, 2011 Website: Evaluator Group Blog:
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Work Seattle WA Membership: March 19, 2014
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Nancy Williams

Vice President of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing DecisionPath Consulting
Work 554 North Frederick Ave. Suite 318 Gaithersburg MD 20877 Phone: 301-926-8323 Membership: April 18, 2012 Website: DecisionPath Consulting Website: Introduction to SQL: Mastering the Relational Database Language
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Andreas Wilmsmeier

Managing Director TekLink International AG
Work Platz 4 Root 6039 Switzerland Phone: +41 41 455 25 70 Membership: October 31, 2016 Website:
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Membership: February 23, 2016
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Lynn Winterboer

Agile Analytics Educator & Coach
Work Denver CO Membership: February 25, 2013 Website: Lynn Winterboer
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Barbara Wixom

Principal Research Scientist MIT Center for IS Research
Work Cambridge MA Membership: July 30, 2015 Website:
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Work Boulder CO Membership: October 7, 2013
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Muzaffer Yontem

Founder Infolitik
Work Istanbul Turkey Phone: +90 532 6919462 Website: Website: We Will Never Walk Alone On Our Information Journey
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Mico Yuk

Founder BI Dashboard Formula
Work USA Membership: August 12, 2014 Website: Website: Data Visualization for Dummies
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Work Lafayette CO Membership: May 27, 2014
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Work Denver CO Phone: 720-380-7329 Membership: October 16, 2013
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