2012 Publications:

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2012-Dec With Big Data Out of the Box, Maintaining Order is a Must Devlin
2012-Nov Big Data Comes of Age
An EMA and 9sight White Paper
Devlin and Rogers
2012-Nov * Back to Basics: Ensuring Strong BI Software Selection Wise
2012-Oct The Big Data Zoo – Taming the Beasts
The need for an integrated platform for enterprise information
2012-Oct What’s Really New about Big Data and Big Analytics? Imhoff
2012-Oct Virtualizzazione dei dati e sistemi di business intelligence agili van der Lans
2012-Oct Why Execs Should Heed Need for Data Governance O’Neal
2012-Sep Collaborative Business Intelligence Socializing Team-based Decision Making Devlin
2012-Sep Collaborative BI Sets Stage for Collective User Action Imhoff and White
2012-Sep Meet in the Middle – Self Service BI Imhoff and White
2012-Sep Split Personalities Put Data Scientists in Play Imhoff and White
2012-Sep How to Align Your Organization for Data Success O’Neal
2012-Sep The Role of IT in Business-led Data Governance O’Neal
2012-Sep How to Choose the Right Data Governance Resources O’Neal
2012-Aug * Emerging Business Intelligence Trends: Mobile Applications, Data Management within BI, and Social Media Wise
2012-Jul * Do Self-Service and Open Source Co-Exist? Wise
2012-Jun The Convergence of Social Media, Business Intelligence and Big Data Wise
2012-May Business Intelligence–NoSQL… No Problem Devlin
2012-May * BI Requirements Gathering through Observation Geiger
2012-Apr Integrating Analytics into the Operational Fabric of Your Business A combined platform for optimizing analytics and operations Devlin
2012-Mar Methods and Practices: Becoming a Smart City: IDC Energy Insights Smart Cities Maturity Model Curto Diaz
2012-Mar iSight for Innovation Breakthrough collaboration for decision making Devlin
2012-Mar * BI Requirements Gathering – Leveraging What Exists Geiger
2012-Mar Cloud Computing and Open Source Wise
2012-Mar * 5 Tips for BI Software Selection for SMBs Wise
2012-Feb Kollaborative Governance-Prozesse im Trend Martin
2012-Jan * BI Requirements Gathering – Facilitation Tips Geiger
2012-Jan * The Data Model’s Role in Data Governance Geiger
2012-Jan Agile Unternehmen sind datengetrieben: Big Data trifft Geschäftsprozesse Martin
2012-Jan Die etwas andere Big-Data-Analytik: Location Intelligence
2012-Jan Big Data: Vom Kundenwis- sen zum Marktwissen Martin

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