2013 Publications:

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2013-Dec IT für das Marketing Martin
2013-Dec Relational Databases Advance McKnight
2013-Dec Exploring and Investigating Data with CXAIR van der Lans
2013-Dec * Providing Coaching to Newly Agile Teams Winterboer
2013-Nov Do Less By Committing to More Winterboer and Collier
2013-Nov Operationalizing the Buzz: Big Data in 2013
An EMA and 9sight White Paper
Devlin and Rogers
2013-Nov Research Report: Employing Enterprise Data Management to Address the Challenges of Unique Device Identification Compliance O’Neal
2013-Oct Application Development with Oracle Database 12c Gambino
2013-Oct Über Self-Service Business Intelligence Martin
2013-Oct The Data Scientist at Work van der Lans
2013-Oct Achieving Agility and Self-Service through BI Wise
2013-Sep Unlocking Machine-Generated Data – Bridging the Structure Chasm between Hadoop and Relational Devlin
2013-Sep * BI Benefits in Reach for SMBs, But Some Effort Required Wise
2013-Oct Text Exploration: Analyzing Text without the Hassle van der Lans
2013-Aug BI, BPM and Big Data Martin
2013-Aug Agile Development Methodologies & Book Recommendations Winterboer
2013-Jul Strategische Einbindung von Cloud-Services Martin
2013-Jul Data Virtualization: Where Do We Stand Today? van der Lans
2013-Jul Customer Identity Resolution – den Kunden richtig erkennen Martin
2013-Jun Big Data is Changing the Database Server Market van der Lans
2013-Jun I big data cambiano il mercato dei Database Server van der Lans
2013-May Operational Analytics from A to Z
An integrated platform for enterprise analytics of all sizes
2013-May Big Data – Big Brother – Big Confusion Martin
2013-May BI Value: Getting the Most from Your Investments Wise
2013-Apr Do We Still Need a BI Architecture? You Bet We Do! Imhoff
2013-Apr One Platform for Both OLTP and BI Workloads? Imhoff and White
2013-Apr NoSQL: A Challenge for Data Replication van der Lans
2013-Apr Ted Codd and Twelve Rules for Relational Databases van der Lans
2013-Mar SDL BeGlobal: Machine Translation for Multilingual Search and Text Analytics Applications Curto Diaz
2013-Mar Data Replication for Enabling Operational Business Intelligence van der Lans
2013-Mar Big Data? Of Big Decisions? van der Lans
2013-Feb Actuate Forges Ahead in the Race to Visualize Big Data: Here Comes BIRT Analytics Curto Diaz
2013-Feb Collaborative BI: Theory Becomes Reality Imhoff and White
2013-Feb The SQL-fication of SQL Continues van der Lans
2013-Feb A Single Data Warehouse Architecture that can Support Mixed, Shifting, and High-Concurrency Workloads van der Lans
2013-Feb Is Herman Hollerith the Grandfather of Big Data? van der Lans
2013-Jan IBM in Europe: The Juggernaut Moves Forward, but is it Fast Enough? Curto Diaz
2013-Jan Customer Information Management – Prozesse und Technologien Martin
2013-Jan Kundendatenintegration im Big Data meistern Martin

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