Automated Replenishment Solutions: Where Smart Home Meets eCommerce

Automated Replenishment Solutions: Where Smart Home Meets eCommerce

Smart replenishment solutions have been retailers’ poster child for a few years now; being part of elaborate inventory management systems, the technology helps businesses reduce out-of-stocks by up to 30%, achieve supply chain transparency and create a consistent customer experience.

When it comes to Smart Homes, however, Amazon Dash buttons remain the best-known (and somewhat lackluster!) attempt to automate routine grocery shopping, and thus introduce a new level of convenience to modern connected home products which often require complex setup and management on a user’s part.

What changes have taken place since Dash buttons were launched three years ago? Is there a future for automatic replenishment solutions within the Home Automation domain? Does the current level of Smart Home software development allow for complete household replenishment automation and how could users and eCommerce brands benefit from taking the smart approach to online shopping? These are just a few issues I’ll cover in my new article.

Introduction to Household Replenishment Solutions

In a nutshell, a home replenishment system is a combination of hardware and software components that allows users to create shopping lists and place orders on an eCommerce website. For example, via voice assistants like Alexa, by scanning QR codes on product packages with ...

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