5 Ways to Embrace Data to Engage Customers

5 Ways to Embrace Data to Engage Customers

By nature, we are a consumer-driven society. We are fast-paced, with fast apps, and ultimately we make fast friends. The question is, though, how do we transition those friendships into relationships that stick? How do we bridge the gap from a prospective buyer, consumer, and user – to a customer that keeps coming back, when there is plenty of other fish in the sea, so to speak?

The baseline of any relationship is communication and how you choose to engage in that conversation actively. Most importantly, when the focus is on flipping a passerby to a patron, your website and marketing should be your focus. Essentially, you want to date the consumer. But how do you get there?

The answer is that you first have to “date the data�.

Just as dating has evolved from a mere 15 years ago, so has the process of analysing data. We now can form an integral bond and trust by using resources that simply help you know your customer better. You are now able to grow those roots by identifying their preferences and ultimately getting a foothold on repeat traffic.

Here are five ways you can date your data, and enhance your customer engagement.

1. Show You Care

Don’t ...

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Which Five Business Tech Trends Will Dominate in 2017?

Which Five Business Tech Trends Will Dominate in 2017?

There’s no consensus on when business became all about technology, but it probably happened somewhere around the advent of the cloud. Business went from using technology to being about technology; if your business isn’t taking advantage of the latest technology advances, it is an almost irreparable competitive disadvantage. This is the case not just for technology companies, but for all business in 2017.

Because technology matters so much, especially to small business that always must act more nimble than larger enterprises, business technology trends matter. A lot. So whether or not you consider your business about technology, you should keep these five emerging technology trends in mind.

1. Interactive Broadcasting for SMB Grows

Facebook Live and Twitter’s Periscope introduced the Western world to interactive broadcasting, also known as livestreaming. But even though this trend is just now picking up steam in the U.S., China and other markets in Asia already are showing the power of this new technology.

“There’s some pretty original innovation going on in Asia right now around interactive broadcasting,” notes Tony Zhao, CEO of real-time communications platform for SMBs, Agora.io. “Companies in China have figured out that they can create compelling content by letting their customers drive these live broadcasts, and they’ve ...

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