Nonprofit Alliance Seeks Amendment To California Data Privacy Law

Nonprofit Alliance Seeks Amendment To California Data Privacy Law

Nonprofits are concerned about negative effects that could come from a new California law regulating how organizations collect and use personal data. The Nonprofit Alliance is looking to amend the law and pressing for “carefully crafted� federal privacy legislation.

As calls for a national data privacy law gain force, an alliance of nonprofit organizations is working with lawmakers in California to amend state legislation that will go into effect next year to clarify that it does not apply to nonprofit organizations.

The measure, set to take effect January 1, requires companies to show users what data is collected on them and what the data will be used for, and to identify any third parties who have been given access to the data. The new law will be enforced by the California attorney general and allows internet users to bring lawsuits if companies fail to adequately protect their data.

The law has sparked concern from trade groups that say they had no opportunity to give input before the bill was passed last summer. They add that California lawmakers didn’t adequately understand how nonprofits use data when they wrote the legislation intending to exclude the community and that the language in the bill limiting their ...

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