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Big Data Analytics in the Fact-based Economy


Is your organization part of the Fact-based Economy, or is it still making decisions based on gut instinct? Reality is, most organizations don’t yet have the applications and infrastructure required for big data analytics. But the ones that do are gaining significant advantage. In this session, Platfora will discuss how companies are leveraging “old” and “new” data sources using ultra-modern analytics techniques and platforms.


Peter Schlampp – VP of Products

Pete is the VP of Products at Platfora. He is responsible for early development, product design, and the roadmap for Platfora’s products. Pete spends most of his time working with enterprise customers to solve their big data BI needs. Prior to Platfora, he was VP of Products and Marketing at Solera Networks, building network security analytics products to store, search, and analyze every packet traversing 10 GigE networks. Early in his career he lead Products for IronPort Systems – the first company to solve spam at Internet scale – which was acquired by Cisco Systems in 2007.

Lara Shackelford – VP of Marketing

Lara leverages her early career in fashion design, combined with 20 years in enterprise software marketing, and a deep understanding of the needs of IT decision makers in the Global 2K, to lead creatively fueled marketing for high growth tech companies.

Lara has held strategic marketing leadership positions at global enterprise brands, as well as dynamic Silicon Valley start-ups focused on building smart solutions for innovative big data applications including Hadoop and NoSQL technologies. Lara spearheads a digitally integrated, multichannel marketing and communications strategy for Platfora, which enables businesses to demystify big data to extract fact-based business insights. Lara has built a career on extending the power of marketing to create value from, and bring clarity to, the complex world of Big Data Analytics and exceed the expectations of demanding enterprise customers. Her extensive industry expertise includes global marketing executive roles at IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Bearing Point, DataStax, and Qlik Tech.

Company Profile:

We are the first Big Data Analytics platform to enable business users to connect and interact, self-service, with customer interactions, transactions, and machine data, all together in Hadoop, iterating without end. For more details, visit or follow @platfora and #FactBased on twitter.

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