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The three most important developments in Information Management today


The three most important developments for Information Management today are:

1. The Data Science Lab: “Graduate” projects from Data Science Lab to “business as usual.” Since businesses will have a handful, not an army of, Data Scientists, it is important to thing about how they can put some of the Big Data analytics which they will research and perfect into the hands of Business Analysts, who will always out-number them.

2. Advanced Analytics and Acceleration. An analytical platform is a required component for a Big Data Ecosystem, effectively disaggregating the storage of data from the analysis of it – while column-store DBs do some of this effectively, an in-memory approach is superior. Moreover, bringing advanced algorithms to the data – like those in R, SAS and Python – is what big data is all about, and needs to be in a true MPP environment for speed and flexibility.

3. Hadoop Integration – SQL on Hadoop is only the beginning Impala, Drill, and Pivitol have understood that the “NoSQL” movement really meant “not only SQL”, and are scrambling with v1 and beta releases to give access to Hadoop data with SQL. They mostly miss the point that a cross-section of data stored in Hadoop, data warehouses, and other places, all delivered in near-real-time


Michael Hiskey – Head Product Evangelist and VP, Marketing

Speaker/Blogger/Strategist for Kognitio, 10 years at IBM (Smart Analytics, DW Development, DM Support), grown from his first love of high-performance DBs with Informix and analytics specialty solutions like Red Brick.

Roger Gaskell – CTO

Father of the Kognitio Analytical Platform. Employee #2 at Kognitio in 1988. Overseen all development since the first in-memory analytical DB was released in 1989. Decades of experience with MPP database development, RAM processing, CPU utilization, etc.

Dr. Sharon Kirkham – Director, Kognitio Analytics Center of Excellence

Head Data Scientist for Kognitio, background in mathematics, statistics, analysis, and programming. Extensive work with retail, commercial credit, telecom analytics on Big Data, client engagements in the UK and US.

Company Profile:

For more than a generation, Kognitio has been a pioneer in software for advanced analytics, helping companies gain greater insight from large and complex volumes of data with low latency and limitless scalability for competitive business advantage. Sitting at the nexus of Big Data, in-memory analytics and cloud computing, Kognitio extends existing data and BI investments as an analytical accelerator, providing a foundation for data scientists and analytical information services. The Kognitio Analytical Platform can be used as a data science lab or to power comprehensive digital marketing analytics; it runs on industry-standard servers, as an appliance, or in Kognitio Cloud, a ready-to-use analytical Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) in a public or private cloud environment.

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