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Founding Partner, Data Scientist A Heurisitic Solution, LLP
Work 19555 E Mainstreet Unit A Parker CO 80138 United States Phone: +1 (303) 588-6976 Membership: December 29, 2016 Blog: A Heuristic Solution Blog Website: A Heuristic Solution, LLP Website: Worldwide Who's Who

Al Shain is a technologist with a proven track record as a visionary in data science and data engineering with more than 25 years as an IT leader, architect and data engineer. Al has built a lifelong career in all things data. He has experience engaging all levels of the corporation in best practices and strategies designed to create comprehensive, fully integrated, enterprise information systems. His passion is making the misunderstood, the under-estimated, and the out of focus absolutely clear. Al holds several patents for a series software programs he wrote and designed using Computer Vision, Predictive Analytics, and Machine Learning that understand, learn and predict outcomes based upon unstructured data (video and images) and empirical statistics.

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