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Brett Mendes

Jr. Data Scientist Eventus Solutions Group
Work 98 Inverness Dr E Englewood CO 80112 USA Phone: (303) 910-3767 Membership: October 18, 2016 Website:

I’m fairly early in my career, having started in analytics about 2.5 years ago with an Oil & Gas consulting firm based here in Colorado. However, I’ve found that I have an aptitude for the field and am committed to developing a full throated understanding of “full-stream” business intelligence and analytics in order to achieve my goal of becoming a fully-fledged data scientist. Currently I work as a Jr. Data Scientist at an organization that has offered me a remarkably open landscape to pursue my ideas and interests, and are fully supportive of my goals. My current areas of study are largely centered around R Programming and Python, as well as Data Architecture, Engineering, and Integration/Transformation.