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Dennis Still

Founder & Chief Insights Analyst Bigfoot Analytics
Work St. Paul MN Phone: +1 (888) 784-6855 Membership: January 14, 2015 Website:

Dennis is a thought leader in data analytics and the power of meaningful business insights. He is currently the Founder and Chief Insights Analyst at Bigfoot Analytics. Bigfoot Analytics is focused on helping organizations with their analytics questions, both big and small. Always with the idea of Hunting for Insights, to Dispel the Myths! His many years as an analyst, data scientist, marketer, and researcher at large corporations like Thomson Reuters, and SaaS businesses such as GovDelivery, OptiMine, and When I Work, have given him the tools and skills necessary to quickly and efficiently guide stakeholders through the process of data collection and analyses. Dennis has helped hundreds of businesses save tens of thousands of dollars and has ultimately helped them identify actionable information that adds to their overall bottom line. Dennis loves helping people figure out tough business questions through the use of analytics. He is passionate about evangelizing how awesome data analysis, data science, and insights analysis are and you will find him presenting at conferences, talking/teaching students, tweeting, and blogging.

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