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Rick F. van der Lans

Founder R20/Consultancy
Work R20/Consultancy Karperdaal 60 Den Haag 2553 PJ Netherlands Phone: +31-70-3978466 Membership: November 7, 2010 Website: R/20 : Data Virtualization for Business Intelligence Systems: Revolutionizing Data Integration for Data Warehouses : Introduction to SQL: Mastering the Relational Database Language

Rick F. van der Lans is Founder of R20/Consultancy. Rick is an independent analyst, lecturer, and author. He specializes in data warehousing, business intelligence, service oriented architectures, and database technology. He is an internationally acclaimed lecturer. He has lectured professionally for the last twenty years. In 2009 he introduced the Data Delivery Platform, a BI architecture based on data virtualization principles. He writes for BeyeNetwork.com and for several IT magazines. He has published many successful whitepapers. Rick is the chairman of the annual European Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Conference and the annual BI Event. He is the author of several books on computing, including the popular Introduction to SQL and SQL for MySQL Developers.

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